What is this portal about?

The MM Portal provides information and resources about MolSSI’s ongoing projects for the molecular mechanics community. The portal also provides information on available Molecular Mechanics Interoperable Components (part of the MMIC project) that are separately hosted.

How do I learn more about a particular project or package?

The best way is to visit the dedicated webpage for the project of interest and contact the developer(s). MolSSI’s projects are typically hosted on github, so we encourage the community to engage with us via github, or direct contact via software@molssi.org.

How do I upload my own component?

We welcome contributions from the community to MolSSI’s initiatives and projects. If you have developed your own component for MMIC, then we recommend you follow this guideline for hosting it on the MolSSI MM portal. If you encounter any problems or technical difficulties, we recommend you open an issue here.